1. Advice on Determining IPR Protection Strategies
IPR protection will give full rights to a person or group of people to take the benefits and benefits of the investment he has done and prevent others from taking advantage of the hard work he has done. For this reason, use the right protection strategy for the intellectual property (KI) that you have generated. IPR protection is inexpensive if your protection strategy is correct.
IPR is a way to protect intellectual property rights by using legal instruments that have been authorized by the State, namely Copyright, Patents, Trademark and Geographical Indications, Industrial Design, Layout Design of Integrated Circuits (DTLST), Trade Secrets, and Protection of Plant Varieties ( PVP). Each type of IPR provides a scope of protection for different fields. The ASKII team can help you determine the right IPR protection strategies and provide recommendations for the type of IPR that are appropriate to the intellectual work that you produce.

2. Patent Search (Patent Searching)
A patent is an IPR protection in the field of technology and in the Patent document or description there is information that explains an invention in the field of technology which is very useful for knowing technological developments in the world. One of the important functions of searching for a Patent document is to find out the novelty of an invention that will be filed for his patent application or also known as patentability.
There are many benefits that can be taken by tracing patent documents, especially for researchers and research and development institutions (R&D) in planning the strategy, direction and objectives of R&D, so that the research does not repeat previous research. For R&D activities, patent documents can be used as a reference to improve or develop existing technology. For the business world, searching for Patent documents is also very useful for knowing the technological developments of its competitors and utilizing technologies whose patents have expired (their protection has expired) or have become the public domain.
Every year there are> 3 million patent documents produced in the world, which is a large source of data to be analyzed, which currently has the time to draw up a research strategy utilizing big data analysis. The ASKII team can help you search for patent documents and analyze the results of patent searches both for patentability and for other analytical purposes.

3. Writing Patent Documents (Patent Drafting)
One of the administrative requirements that must be completed for patent registration is patent document specifications, or as we often know patent descriptions. The patent description consists of the Title of Invention, Field of Invention Technique, Background of Invention, Summary of Invention, Brief Description of Image (if images are included), Full Description of Invention, Claims, Abstract, and Image (if any).
Writing a Patent Description (Patent Drafting) has certain rules / formats and requires certain expertise, especially in preparing claims. Patent Drafting really determines whether an invention can be granted or denied a patent. The ASKII team can help you draft a patent description in accordance with the rules for writing a patent description.

4. Advice on IPR Registration
In Indonesia, there are two official institutions which are authorized to administer and issue IPR certificates according to the type of IPR they handle, namely the Directorate General of IPR-KemenhukHAM and the PVT-Ministry Center. For Copyright, Patents, Trademarks, Geographical Indications, Industrial Designs, and Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits the application is submitted to the DJKI-Ministry of Law and Human Rights, while the Protection of Plant Varieties (PVP) is registered with the PVP Center-Ministry. The ASKII team can help you draft a patent description in accordance with the rules for writing a patent description. The ASKII team can advise you to take care of IPR registration both to the DJKI-Kemenkumham and the Ministry of Agriculture's PVP Center.

5. Training and Seminars
ASKII has routinely held various trainings / workshops in the field of IPR, including Training for Patent Document Search and Patent Document Writing Training. In addition, some pengurusa and ASKII members also have experience as resource persons in various training events, seminars and general studies in the field of IPR. The ASKII team can work together and assist you in organizing training and seminars on IPR or providing resource persons in the field of IPR.