ASKII History


1. Create a better change and participate in the development of the nation and state
2. Playing a role in the field of intellectual property both in the policy making process and in its implementation which is influenced by elements outside the government
3. Establish an effective and efficient intellectual property protection system for KI centers and communities
4. Realizing Intellectual Property Governance at the Indonesian Information Center and professional society.
5. Realizing the role of the Indonesian Information Centers in the context of prospering the community


As a trusted, professional, responsive and independent association in managing intellectual property

ASKII Program

Coordination with all agencies related to intellectual property management

Facilitating the will of the community in terms of recognition of ownership of intellectual property rights

Research and Development on technological developments and other developments that affect the work of intention, and a sense of human intellect

Participate in publishing and promoting any work of human intellectual potential with economic value

Advocating for all issues related to intellectual property at and around intellectual property centers

External Program

External Program

Improvement of the assessment system and integration of the KI center institutions into the IPT forms

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Internal Program

Internal Program

Preparation of Guidelines for the Establishment of Intellectual Property Centers for Universities, and Research and Development Institutions.

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ASKII Structure and Management

Institutional cooperation

Trusted by Famous Institutions in Indonesia

Supported by the Indonesian-Swiss Intellectual Property Project (ISIP-II)