Kode Etik Wednesday - April 01, 2020

Membership Code of Ethics

Membership Code of Ethics
  1. Must protect and defend ASKII's honor and good name
  2. Must obey the provisions of the legislation in force in the Republic of Indonesia, the Statutes and by-laws and all the provisions stipulated by ASKII.
  3. Must provide support to programs run by ASKII in achieving the ASKII goals.
  4. Obliged to help each other and share experiences among ASKII Members constructively for better management of IP.
  5. Must establish good relations among ASKII Members based on mutual respect, respect and trust.
  6. Must create and maintain harmony among fellow ASKII Members namely family and togetherness in carrying out activities, treating fellow ASKII members properly, equally, and always trying to establish communication and friendship.
  7. Must respect and maintain good relations with fellow actors in the field of IP, business partners and other institutions or institutions.
  8. Must take a role in cooperation with fellow actors in the field of IP, partners and other institutions or institutions in developing the IP system in particular and the Indonesian economy in general.
  9. Must respect and uphold the norms and norms that exist in society, especially those related to KI.
  10. Must be responsive and play a role in helping the community related to IP in accordance with the conditions and capabilities of ASKII Members.
  11. Must play a role in increasing public awareness and understanding of IP.
  12. It is forbidden to use ASKII for certain personal or group interests.
  13. Not allowed to represent or act on behalf of ASKII for any purpose without the approval of the Chairperson